Give Before you Get

I read Brad Feld’s excellent book “Startup Communities”. I learned a ton of things in the book that I am implementing and thinking about. One of the most striking pieces of advice in the book … Read more

Hit Singles

Are you a fan of baseball teams that know how to consistently hit singles, or are you the fan of home runs as the primary offensive strategy? There are many different approaches to winning deals … Read more

Mavericks and Journeymen

Both my parents were high school Math teachers – my Dad worked at the same school for all of his 33 years in teaching, and my Mom had two jobs – but only because she … Read more

Startups are a 3-legged Stool

There are many books and blog posts that describe what is necessary to achieve success in a new startup. Having worked at double digit startups over my career, I have concluded that successful startups are … Read more