Give Before you Get

I read Brad Feld’s excellent book “Startup Communities”. I learned a ton of things in the book that I am implementing and thinking about. One of the most striking pieces of advice in the book … Read more

Hit Singles

There are many different approaches to winning deals with early adopters within a startup. I’m going to lobby against the approach of elephant hunting, which is a common approach for companies looking for that “quick … Read more

Mavericks and Journeymen

Both my parents were high school Math teachers – my Dad worked at the same school for all of his 33 years in teaching, and my Mom had two jobs – but only because she … Read more

Startups are a 3-legged Stool

There are many books and blog posts that describe what is necessary to achieve success in a new startup. Having worked at double digit startups over my career, I have concluded that successful startups are … Read more